About Me - American Southwest Photography

Kenan Sipilovic

Fine art photographer Kenan Sipilovic has long been captivated by the American Southwest. His love of adventure and photography began in his late teens and has now spanned over twenty-five years. Although he travels the Southwest extensively, Kenan resides with his family in Northern Arizona, near the Grand Canyon, where his passion first began.

With a powerful sense of freedom, Kenan finds exploring this dangerous and untamed frontier to be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. For him, photography is not only the pursuit of creating a remarkable image, or to convey an emotion, but most importantly, to tell a compelling story with both. His images showcase the brilliant colors and spectacular beauty found throughout the unique landscapes of the American Southwest.

Through the lens of his camera, he continues his lifelong pursuit of discovering new ways to document this great expanse and the ancient history hidden within it. In addition to capturing these images, Kenan often considers the journey to these remote locations as adventures in and of themselves, and sometimes just being there is the greatest reward.

“It is my hope that these images will inspire anyone who loves the idea of adventure, exploration, and risk; for it is with these, that life is rewarded and worth living.” --Kenan

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